The BOSS Consulting Proposition

BOSS CONSULTING supplies bespoke teams of consultants working client side on transformational programmes enabled by IT. We provide teams offering strategic advisory, pre-programme, in-flight and recovery services on different contractual models depending on client’s needs.

Working for our clients, we help you deliver the best possible transformation programme on time and on budget. Because of the way we organise and source your team, we aim to help you save time and money across all phases of the programme.

Why Use BOSS?

We have a unique proposition. We have combined a business consulting and a talent business so that we can offer the best people at the best rates to our customers. We source our people specifically for the roles that are needed by the customer. We don’t try and force-fit a person into a role for which they are not ideally suited.

We can do this at attractive rates because unlike our competitors, we have no expensive overheads to maintain and so can pass on the savings we make to our clients.

Let me take you back to the start. When we set up BOSS Consulting, we saw a gap in the market. A strong client-side team is a pre-requisite to a successful transformation programme. However, client-side teams were not always equipped to lead and manage transformation programmes. They either lacked many of the skills required or were woefully understaffed or both. This led to employing one of the large consulting brands to run or at least supplement the client-side teams. ‘Brands’ were not guaranteed to be always effective, but they were guaranteed to be always expensive.

We thought there must be a different way of operating.

Hence BOSS Consulting was born. With access to an unlimited supply of great talent either through our own network or through our talent sourcing company – BOSS ERP – we found we could put together teams that were capable of running transformation programmes at significantly better prices than our BIG BRAND competition.

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