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Digital Transformation for Vehicle Dealerships Webinar

Digital Transformation Webinar for Car Dealerships on Tuesday 6th July 10am - 11am

At BOSS Consulting we believe your business strategy and technology choices are becoming inseparable. Investing in the right integrated ERP and DMS technology ensures you take advantage of an end-to-end integrated solution that could lead to savings of up to 45%.

What's involved in our webinar?

In the last 12 months, 89% of vehicle dealership operations have moved from offering in-person in the showroom sales to being able to transact remotely. However, few have the connected architectures and standardised processes to be able to make this move efficiently. Let us introduce autoExpress - the next-gen DMS solution on the SAP s/4HANA digital platform.

Join us and our industry partners at SAP and Intellisoft on 6th July at 10.00 AM for a short introductory webinar to introduce you to the capabilities of autoExpress.

With our partners, we can help you accelerate the redesign of your operating model by utilising the best practices built into the autoExpress solution. You can move seamlessly to your future operating model, and deliver not only a new experience to the customer, but one which improves the effectiveness of your workforce and decreases the costs of IT support.


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