The Case for using BOSS Consulting

  • I.T projects overrun by an average of 51%
  • Large I.T programmes, especially ones involving multiple suppliers, often mean delays and overruns
  • Choosing the wrong software and services contracts will be expensive for the long term
  • BOSS can provide an expert, experienced team that the client can turn to in all phases of a programme

The BOSS Consulting Proposition

BOSS Consulting supplies bespoke teams of consultants working client-side on transformational programmes enabled by IT. We provide teams offering strategic advisory, pre-programme, in-flight and recovery services on different contractual models depending on client’s needs.

Working for our clients, we help you deliver the best possible transformation programme on time and on budget. Because of the way we organise and source your team, we aim to help you save time and money across all phases of the programme.

Strategic I.T Advisory

BOSS Consulting can help you review and re-imagine the way in which I.T partners WITH the business to deliver I.T TO the business using its I.T Target Operating Model proposition. Our approach focuses on covering how all elements of the I.T organisation (Infrastructure, Applications and New and Emerging Technologies) deliver the solutions that the business needs into all aspects of the business from back office to front, from sites to Head Office.

The output includes a full set of operating processes, organisation role design, an assessment of existing contracts along with the migration path to the new operating model and service offering. We also work alongside the I.T Leadership to develop a financial model of the preferred option/s compared to the existing operational model and will help support you in any necessary approval process necessary with the Operating Board.

Programme Services

We can help you at various stage of a programme.

Our experienced team of consultants can help you to construct a Business Case and Programme Road-map to ensure that the Programme is outwardly focused - on the business benefits.

We can help you manage software and services RFI/RFP process/es. We match your customer requirements and budget to select the appropriate partners for their programme. We help you select the relevant BOM to support your desired business solution, the license deal appropriate for your needs and can advise on conducting the negotiations with software suppliers and system integrators. We aim to help you pay the right price for the right solution.

Once all pre-programme activities are complete, then we can help you to manage the Programme to it’s conclusion focussing on delivering the objectives on time and on budget using our proven people, methodology and latest tools.

We operate by putting together bespoke teams specific to our customers. Our teams are constructed using our considerable network of consultants – from Programme Directors to PMO, from Business Analysts to Business Change Leads, from Functional Consultants to Data teams. We have access to all the skills you need. And where we don’t, we will find you those skills through our sourcing company – BOSS ERP.

What’s important to us is that you get the right team for your programme. We place domain experience, consultant loyalty and team-working ahead of BIG BRAND. Hence we are able to offer you, the customer, a far better team at significantly less cost than our big name competitors who focus on utilising their bench rather than providing you with the rights skills. We DON’T have this problem as we never carry a bench. We just focus on delivering your programme with the right people.

Turnaround Services

Have you ever come across a Transformation Programme that has stalled? BOSS can help you re-invigorate that programme.

We provide a small team of highly experienced individuals, all with project turnaround experience operating a disciplined set of activities at pace to help companies turnaround their failing programmes. Elements of our proposition are:

  • To rapidly diagnose the issues and put immediate mitigation plans in place
  • To identify and implement immediate fixes for potential ‘fatal’ programme issues
  • To establish risks and put plans in place to mitigate those risks
  • To change the focus to ensure the client does not spend money on unnecessary activities
  • If necessary, re-imagine the plan to deliver a successful implementation – getting back on track with more appropriate control, discipline and pace than before

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